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M365 Cloud Product Consultant/SME (Remote)

Preferable Location(s): Atlanta, United States of America
Work Type: Full Time

Sylver Rain Consulting is looking for an experienced consultant to support our government client.The consultant will be responsible for the vision setting and execution of the Microsoft Office 365 suite of collaboration products (including but not limited to SharePoint, Teams, Yammer, Exchange, and OneDrive) and related productivity-based solutions. They will also lead the effort to expand offerings to client field offices and ensure Digital Workplace productivity tools are meeting staff needs across all areas of the organization. The consultant will work with technical team members and stakeholders to ensure success of the product feature delivery and adoption, while providing technical leadership and innovation to client employees.

The consultant will lead the operations, maintenance, and management of the day-to-day operations and deployment of client cloud services in support of approximately 65,000 users. Lines of operations and responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

Cloud Services: Microsoft Azure cloud-hosted workloads, instantiation of virtual machines / storage / services, Azure Active Directory, groups, security groups, network security groups, accounts and permissions, etc.

Email Services: Exchange Online, Global Address List, distribution lists, shared mailboxes, Office 365 groups, spam/phishing/malware countermeasures, impersonation protection, mail connectors / routing, DMARC/SPF/DKIM configurations, etc.

Collaboration Services: Microsoft Teams, OneDrive, SharePoint Online, Stream, etc.

Mobile Services: Microsoft InTune / Endpoint Manager, Conditional Access policies, Device Compliance policies, Application Protection policies, etc.

Primary Responsibilities include, but not limited to:

· Ensure adoption of enterprise tools throughout headquarters, field offices, and schools worldwide

· Lead product’s change management activities working with the Change Manager

· Develop and prioritize functional requirements for new or revised features or enhancements

· Align Office 365 products with the overall IT enterprise architecture vision and goals

· Develop a thorough understanding of the Office 365 suite of applications and their capabilities and stay abreast of product evolution

· Identify appropriate cross-department/division stakeholders to be engaged at appropriate time

· Understand both the engineering and business side of Office 365 and responsible for representing the end-user’s needs

· Develop or contribute to development of job aids and training courses

· Gather, analyze and, when appropriate, contribute or start to design the reengineering of business processes

 Develop a thorough understanding of client processes with an eye to applying Office 365 services to solve challenges

· Participate in new business activities and other trainings offered to client staff to better understand business use cases and needs

· Proactively identify process, technical or training issues and suggest solutions that IT can implement

Take on leadership roles in problem solving and respond immediately to emergency situations

· Proactively improve technical capabilities through trainings, workshops and events

· Recommend strategies to streamline systems for effectiveness and efficiency, considering client needs, team dynamics, and division and corporate mission

· Provides guidance and assistance in managing Teams messaging and meetings with client users and stakeholders to enhance use

Make presentations and assist staff as needed through one-on-one mentoring, small group trainings, corporate training programs, and information dissemination to support product changes and configuration to enhance the user experience

· Proactively communicate and liaise with other departments, business units and individuals on joint planning and activities

· Serves as the product owner for Office 365 products

Required Experience include, but not limited to:

· Minimum 5 years of job-related experience required in planning and implementing enterprise level systems, highly preferred)

· Experience in Microsoft 365 suite of tools, including but not limited to SharePoint Online, Groups, Teams, Exchange and OneDrive required

· Experience in configuring and making policy adjustments in the M365 Security and Compliance Center

· Experience in requirement analysis and business process re-engineering required to promote the use of M365 products

· Advanced experience with Microsoft SharePoint, OneDrive file sync, and Microsoft Teams strongly preferred due to client User interests and business enhancements

· Experience with data analysis using Power BI, Excel Pivot Tables, or other similar tools preferred

· Ability to solve complex technical, managerial, or operational problems and evaluate options based on relevant information, resources, well-rounded experience, and knowledge

· Demonstrated ability to communicate clearly and concisely, both orally and in writing, and lead presentations, and effective meetings.

  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • MS/BS degree in Computer Science, Engineering or equivalent preferred

- 5 years of O&M experience supporting M365 (Teams, SharePoint, OneDrive, Azure, Exchange Online)

- 4-5 years of experience migrating to Azure and building new.

- 4-5 years of experience installing, configuring, and supporting Microsoft Windows Server systems.

- 2+ years of experience and an understanding of network security standards and procedures as they pertain to cloud connectivity.

- 4-5 years of experience managing and troubleshooting Azure AD.

- 2+ years of experience managing and migrating on-premise workloads to Azure in a multi-region configuration, Azure PaaS services, administrating Windows Server and Active Directory, and developing DevOps practices with process automation.

Clear understanding of networking and related resources. Experience with best practices of securing servers and networking.

Strong Experience and expertise with Microsoft Azure Infrastructure as a Service platform, including planning, configuration, optimization, and deployment.

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